Sensinode's leading NanoStack™, NanoRouter™ and NanoService™ solutions are ideal building blocks for the Internet of Things. Now Sensinode Reference Apps, complete graphical web applications for NanoServices including source code, provide an unbeatable solution for system integrators, OEMs and web developers to rapidly deploy M2M services on top of Sensinode's NanoService Platform. Here we outline some of the key applications for our solutions.

Connected Home

Homes are becoming increasingly intelligent, and previously proprietary systems like energy monitoring, home security, home automation and elderly monitoring are becoming open IP systems connected to the web. Sensinode offers a complete soluition for connected home applications.

  • NanoStack: enable low-power wireless devices with IPv6
  • NanoRouter: integrate with home/mobile gateways and electric meters to provide Internet routing
  • NanoService Platform and Device Library: enabling rapid customer application development
  • ZigBee IP / SE2.0: home area network solution following ZigBee Alliance standard

But what is an IP based home without services on the web? Sensinode's NanoService solution provides efficient embedded web-services end-to-end, integrating with new and existing backend web services. The Connected Home Reference App provides a great starting point to rapidly deploy a web service in this market, including a complete graphical web based application for home monitoring with floor plan import, device monitoring and control, data graphing and configurable alarms.


Lighting Control

The intelligent control and monitoring of lighting systems is one of the greatest potential areas for energy and cost savings, both through reduced electricity and maintenance costs. Sensinode solutions are ideal for mass-scale lighting applications like commercial indoor lighting, street lighting and outdoor LED lighting. NanoStack and NanoRouter provide low-power wireless IP connectivity for radio technologies ideally suited for indoor and outdoor lighting. NanoServices  provides an end-to-end solution for the integration of lighting control and monitoring with web services. The Street Lighting Reference App provides street lighting OEMs, system integrators and service providers a solution to rapidly deploy a web based service. Leveraging the ease and power of the NanoService Platform, this Street Lighting app includes Google Map integration with real-time light monitoring and control, alarms, firmware updates and light group management.  

Smart Grid Networking

Sensinode provides a unique solution for automatic metering infrastructures (AMI), enabling IP communications for all wireless meters, submeters and home devices. NanoStack is integrated into electric meters and sub-meters, providing an all-IP network using inexpensive radio chips, yet allowing for reliable mesh networking. NanoRouter products provide routing between the wireless devices running NanoStack and the utility backbone. NanoRouter is also available for integration into electric meters that act as the gateway to the utility backbone network. 


For in-home applications, Sensinode is a leading developer of the ZigBee Alliance's new ZigBee IP and Smart Energy 2.0 standards. These standards provide IP connectivity to in-home devices, and are an integral part of the next generation of the Smart Grid. Sensinode's solutions are industry leading products for memory space, performance, and deployment time.

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